I’ve been writing about technology, usability, and coffee on this web site for more than ten years.1 Bloggle has its roots as an experiment in web technology. But don’t take my word for it today… take my word for it in October of 2000, when I made my first post:

For a long time I dismissed personal web sites as hollow “vanity” pages. I was wrong. Sure, there are sites that don’t really have much to say… but what’s to dismiss about personal expression? There are personal sites that express real purpose, or real talent, or at least a real person.

The proliferation of weblogs, or “blogs” has added a new dimension to the mix: a sense of immediacy. It’s that dimension that can make an average blog entertaining… and a good one just plain irresistible.

So why me? And why now? I make my living from this thing we call the Internet… I’ve been ‘working the web’ since 1994 (and dialing into, and then building BBS since 1986. Anyone remember Fidonet?) And as my efforts have slowly mutated from technical architecture to information architecture to customer experience evangelism, I’m finding myself uncomfortably removed from the hands-on aspects of development. So this site is at once a means for me to express my own ideas about the web and what it can mean to people, and an opportunity for me to keep my own development experience fresh and relevant.

Bloggle will be an experience playground of sorts, for both me and you. And so it begins…



Doug Cadmus is a usability wonk, coffee geek and writer, intrigued by disruptive tech and connected things and distracted by craft beer and barbecue. He’s the founder of Human Industries.
  1. Not ten contiguous years, of course… my dalliance here has always been subject to the occasional writers’ vacation. []

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